Plastic drag chains with flexible joints for complex routing paths

Plastic Drag Chains with Flexible Joints for Complex Routing Paths

Modern industrial machines require complex routing paths to connect various components. In such cases, plastic drag chains with flexible joints prove to be the most efficient solution. These drag chains guide and protect cables and hoses that transmit power, control, and data signals among different components. The flexible joints help the drag chains accommodate changes in direction and length, thereby reducing wear and tear on the cables and hoses.

Features of Plastic Drag Chains with Flexible Joints

  • Durable plastic construction
  • Flexible joints for easy routing in complex paths
  • Highly resistant to wear, corrosion, and chemicals
  • Low maintenance and cost-effective
  • Customizable length and width

Advantages of Using Plastic Drag Chains with Flexible Joints

Compared to traditional cable trays and conduits, plastic drag chains with flexible joints offer several benefits in industrial applications:

  • Reduced downtime: Drag chains protect cables and hoses from damage caused by dust, debris, and other environmental factors. This reduces the frequency of cable and hose replacement, thereby minimizing machine downtime.
  • Improved safety: Drag chains prevent cables and hoses from tangling or snagging, which can cause accidents in the workplace. They also improve the aesthetics of the machine by organizing the cables and hoses in a neat and tidy manner.
  • Increased efficiency: Drag chains help to optimize the routing of cables and hoses, reducing their length and improving their performance. This translates into faster and more accurate machine operation.
  • Enhanced flexibility: Drag chains with flexible joints can adapt to changes in direction, length, and height. This makes them suitable for use in machines with moving parts or those that require frequent reconfiguration.

Applications of Plastic Drag Chains with Flexible Joints

Plastic drag chains with flexible joints find applications in various industrial machinery, such as:

  • Machine tools
  • Robots and automation equipment
  • Material handling systems
  • Packaging and labeling machines
  • Printing and paper processing machines
  • Food and beverage processing machines

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