Adjusting the length of a plastic drag chain

Adjusting the Length of a Plastic Drag Chain

Plastic drag chains are widely used in various industrial applications to protect and guide cables and hoses while they move along with machinery. The plastic drag chain is a crucial element in the proper functioning of machinery as it helps to prevent downtime caused by cable and hose damage. To ensure optimal performance, it is essential to adjust the length of a plastic drag chain correctly.

Importance of Length Adjustment

A plastic drag chain that is too long can cause cable and hose damage due to excessive slack. On the other hand, a chain that is too short can lead to binding and wear, leading to premature failure. Therefore, it is crucial to adjust the length of the drag chain properly.

Factors Affecting Length Adjustment

Several factors can influence the length adjustment of a plastic drag chain, including:

  • The travel distance of the chain
  • The weight of the cables and hoses
  • The speed of the machinery
  • The acceleration and deceleration of the machinery
  • The environment in which the drag chain operates

Steps for Length Adjustment

The following are the steps for adjusting the length of a plastic drag chain:

  1. Measure the distance between the connection points for the drag chain.
  2. Calculate the total length of the cables and hoses that will be inside the chain.
  3. Add a sufficient amount of slack to the chain to accommodate the movement of the machinery.
  4. Insert the cables and hoses into the chain and connect it to the machinery.
  5. Verify that the chain moves freely and that there is no binding or excessive slack.


In conclusion, adjusting the length of a plastic drag chain is a crucial step in ensuring the proper functioning of machinery. By following the steps outlined above, you can ensure that the drag chain is correctly adjusted, and your machinery operates optimally.

Using Plastic Drag Chain in Industrial Environment

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